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Choose Rowdy Oil for Great Hair and the Air of Pride!

Hair is as important for men as water is for trees. Most men take pride in well-maintained beards, mustaches or even in simple hair styles they choose to have.


Choose Rowdy Oil for Great Hair and Fierce Confidence!

Have you ever met a woman who didn’t want better hair or one that does not enjoy grooming it? Great hair always adds oodles of confidence and style to the quintessential woman!

Why Rowdy Oil

For Healthy Hair Growth

Promoting Natural Hair Color

Prevents and Treats Dandruff

Keeps the Body Cool

Helps to Fill Out Patchy Beards

The Perfect Gift for Those Love Hair Care



An ancient infallible recipe for hair care- reduces hair fall, prevents greying, cures baldness, maintains scalp health and cools the body down.


Used in hair care from time immemorial- stimulates hair growth, reduces greying, improves hair texture and keeps hair healthy all around.

Curry leaves

A favorite of our grandmothers’- to reduce or prevent hairfall, keep the hair supple and healthy and to prevent prematue greying.


Or Amla as we know it!- prevents scalp infections, reduces hair loss, moisturises the scalp and makes hair shiny and healthy.

What They Says

  • Too good.. Regular use will give you a quick result.. 100% natural...Highly recommended go for it!! Meena, Customer
  • Surely gives results. Initially for beard growth, I used the oil daily and then once beard grew well, started using it once or twice a week. Good value product!! Mohan Rajaram, Customer

Discover Rowdy Oil.

Do you have hair fall issues?

Is your beard thinning?

Do you have dull and lifeless hair?

Is your scalp riddled with dandruff?

Do you have issues with growing a beard?

Your one-stop solution to all hair problems!

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