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Rowdy Oil

Launched in 2017, RowdyOil is used for hair and beard growth. It is a unique easy-to-use product made just for you!

RowdyOil is made by sourcing leaves naturally and drying them in a traditional age-trusted process, and then mixing them with the right amount of 'Chekku' or cold-pressed oil. There are also no chemical additives to the oil, making not just the process, but the oil itself 100% natural.

Rowdy Oil is the first of its kind for beard and hair in the state of Tamil Nadu. The oil is government-approved, lab-tested, ISO 9001-2005, and GMP Certified.

Manufacturing of Rowdy Oil

My Beard shapes
We are proud of our specially designed containment area for the Manufacture of our own range of Cosmetic products.
Our core responsibility is to deliver the products that are pre-eminent for the customers, expertise in Herbal and Natural based cosmetics with modern techniques therefore serving the customers with the best possible products that is of supreme quality.
MSME UAN Certified And we are gearing up for Ayush approval which we will successfully procure in the forth coming days. Rowdy oil is the subsidiary of the registered company, My Beard Shapes that manufactures and packages the product. Our range of oils include,

Beard Oil
Hair Oil
Onion Oil
Amla Hair Oil
Beard Wash
Hair Dyes

Rowdy oil has laboratory tested ingredients with a 100% Natural stamp!



An ancient infallible recipe for hair care- reduces hair fall, prevents greying, cures baldness, maintains scalp health and cools the body down.


Used in hair care from time immemorial- stimulates hair growth, reduces greying, improves hair texture and keeps hair healthy all around.

Curry leaves

A favorite of our grandmothers’- to reduce or prevent hairfall, keep the hair supple and healthy and to prevent prematue greying.


Or Amla as we know it!- prevents scalp infections, reduces hair loss, moisturises the scalp and makes hair shiny and healthy.

Fun Facts

Washing hair removes excess sweat and oil, as well as unwanted products from the hair and scalp. Often hair is washed as part of a shower or bathing with shampoo, a specialized surfactant.